Vitalux - Contact

tel.: +380 (44) 585-13-93,
fax: +380 (44) 585-13-94,
Orlovskaya str., 8/1, second floor
Kiev, 04060



Propositions concerning the service performance in store chain Vitalux please address to the executive manager of store chain
Tel.: (44) 585-13-93

Golovachuk Ulyana

Questions concerning the product range policy of Vitalux, please address to the
head of the procurement department
Golovachuk Ulyana Orestovna
Tel.: (44) 585-13-93


Questions concerning advertisement and marketing services getting please address to the marketing department head
Tel.: (44) 585-13-93

Questions concerning employment, staff recruitment and personnel policy please address to the HR manager

Salivon Yana Nikolaevna

 Tеl. (44) 585-13-93, (67) 448-18-18


Questions concerning CALL-centr and delivery services please address to the delivery department head

Margarita Solovyova
Tel.: (44) 593-22-22


Questions concerning collaboration with the insurance companies and legal entities please address to the accountant
Tel.: (44) 585-13-93

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