Vitalux - Discount Program

Save your money, but don’t skimp on health!
How to save money?

In order to participate in the Vitalux discount program, you will need to have a special «Vitalux» card.

How much money can I save?

The discount program has six levels of discount depending on the accumulated balance on your card:

min. balance in  UAH max. balance in UAH discount
1 900 2%
901 1500 3%
1501 2500 4%
2501 4500 5%
4501 6000 6%
6001 Unlimited 7%

How to get a card?

It is so simple:

  • Purchase any item for UAH 500 or more in any Vitalux drugstore – and get your card free of charge;
  • Payment for card;
  • Become a participant in our subsequent deals and have a chance to get it at preferential conditions.

ATTENTION! Important!

In order to receive our card, you will need to fill-out the application – in capital letters (all personal information supplied will remain private).
Once you have filled-out the application, you will get an owner’s coupon containing your personal information. KEEP IT SAFE!

If you have lost your card, this coupon will allow you to retrieve a new one. Conditions to receive a card are equal for the whole Vitalux chain.

What should I do if my card is lost?

ВIf you have lost your card, you should contact the Vitalux drugstore where it was issued. You will be asked to fill-out a statement attached with the coupon. We will contact you if necessary.

Is there any alternative way to save money?

Dear customers, please check out Vitalux regular deals and special rates for the most popular products on our website or in our free quarterly newspaper Vitalux, distributed among Kyiv inhabitants.
Additionally, look for a one-time 5% discount in our quarterly newspaper Vitalux.
We want to draw your attention to the fact that discount cards, coupons and others certificates do not cover a special rate for any other kinds of goods, including goods regulated by the state! A coupon discount cannot be combined with any other discount card.
For the convenience of our clients to find the special offer, we have placed informational price-list in supermarkets Vitalux, they are as follows:

Люкс-цена«Lux-price» - bargain basement rates among all Vitalux drugstores in Kyiv. «Lux-price» items are not covered by the discount card!


Сезон«Season» - special price offer for the most popular seasonal goods. «Season» items are not covered by the discount card.


Акция«Deal» - allows you to automatically participate in a deal. For detailed information please contact our representatives in Vitalux drugstores and our website.


Новинка«New offer» - helps to recognize new products in Vitalux drugstores.


If you have any questions regarding the Vitalux discount program, please contact Department of Marketing and Advertising: +380 (44) 585-13-93.

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