Vitalux - Information for advertisers

Vitalux offers a wide range of advertising and marketing services in order to make your products (services) more visible and popular among potential consumers.

list of advertising and marketing services is presented below.

 Indoor advertising:

  1. promotional material included in the client’s bag;
  2. products and shelf talkers on the shelves;
  3. design of money boxes;
  4. posters and banners;
  5. degustation, sampling, promotions;
  6. video advertising;
  7. advertising stands for products;
  8. floor advertising.

Outdoor advertising:

  1. design of exterior windows;
  2. city light advertising, located at 10, Vasyl’kivska Str.;
  3. promotional bags.

Polygraphic products:

  1. promotional material (leaflets, brochures etc.);
  2. free quarterly newspaper Vitalux.

Informational services:

  1. publications in Mass Media;
  2. reports on sales volume;
  3. direct mail services.

The cost is based on the value and terms of performance of advertising and marketing events.
We are confident in our ability to provide you with a reliable service and will strive to promote your products in our pharmacy chain - Vitalux and on the Ukrainian retail market, to structure a database of regular customers, to make your brand more visible and increase your sales volume.
Vitalux is open for collaboration with unique start-up marketing projects in the Ukrainian retail market.  If you have any questions regarding advertising and marketing services, please contact the Vitalux marketing and advertising department.

Contact person:
Head of marketing and advertising department
Tel.: +380 (44) 585-13-93, Fax: +380 (44) 585-13-94

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