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We are looking for talented people

Vitalux is a dynamically growing pharmacy chain in Ukraine. Our team of high-level and experienced professionals are fully dedicated to the company’s targets and further development. Each member of our team has to understand that his salary depends on the ability he demonstrates at the workplace, skills, competence, and most importantly – the desire to work and develop.
Vitalux is a very autonomous company, where each employee has a fundamental right to be respected as a professional and treated fairly. Professionalism in management and teamwork are complementary in our company. In order to motivate its employees, Vitalux offers supportive resources to further their knowledge and show potential through internal communication, training, seminars, etc. We guarantee and support fairness and equal opportunities for all members.   
We are interested in attracting professional and talented individuals with an active lifestyle.
We are looking for like-minded individuals who value determination, professionalism, client orientation, initiative, responsibility, sincerity and team spirit.
Vitalux offers good working conditions, a friendly and supportive team, and competent management. Our primary concern is the company’s targets with respect to the employee’s targets through the results of work and an effective motivation system.

Open positions:

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